The Truth about Stonehenge

For the last century until now, Stonehenge turned out to be a strong symbol of Great Britain. It is a place wherein most tourists find it necessary to have a glimpse of their background as a proof that indeed, they have been in the country. This is not surprising anymore.

The initial impression of people on Stonehenge may somehow be synonymous to one another – it has always been like a childhood fulfilled. While it is natural to somehow be perplexed, please understand that it is a natural reaction knowing that you have to walk around a pile of huge stones on an empty field. You are not allowed to touch and you may have to line up on a long queue in order to see the majestic creation.

Samples of Stonehenge

Again, let us take a look at British islands. They have archeologists who would run across 900 stonehenge, and even numerous prehistoric structures which are situated in both Europe and Asia. What is a Stonehenge anyway? It is simply grand and is preserved with time. It is enveloped with mystery. However, to combine the attractiveness and enigma would always equate to a long stream of tourists.

It has to be mentioned that in the last centuries, there are assumptions about the building of Stonehenge. This is true even before the replicas even came into existence. What are the myths which have to be debunked now?
Stonehenge came into existence because of the druids which are utilized as a sacrificial temple. This is meant for gory rituals during those times. However, little do people know that it was the first vision of the advancement and development of science and technologies. This was proven true by the Celts, indeed.

  • Stonehenge was built based on the lunar and solar calendar. Before, it was still peculiar as far as the observation of astronomy is concerned. There were questions before.
  • Stonehenge would be a mere illustration of Solar System based on the System which is made up of 9 planets, as opposed to the said 12.
  • Stonehenge features 250 burials. There were scientists out there who concluded that it was bound to be a Neolithic cemetery. As a matter of fact, it was dubbed to be the resting-place for most elite during those times.

Stonehenge is more than just parallel worlds. It was a representation of civilization which prepared mankind for more. Indeed, it is not surprising how many would want to see it so that they could have an understanding of history.

There would still be many hypotheses about Stonehenge’s nature in the future, that is for sure. As a matter of fact, it would only get more and more popular because of the peculiar limitations and restrictions it covers. Regardless, it would still be a delight for may to witness its heyday. It is just education to do so. For those who opt to go for the replica, that should be fine too. As a matter of fact, it may even work. Please do so!