The Advantages of Personal Loans

The Advantages of Personal Loans

Guaranteed personal loans refer to loans you can obtain right away. They provide approval without the borrowers having to wait for a long period of time. As this is the idea, most people seek for this type of loan when they are in need of money fast. It cannot be denied that this is crucial today because the cost of living is really high.

More and more companies and moneylenders with lesser paperwork are around these days. They approve applications without giving the borrowers a hard time. If you are one of these people who seek a personal loan approval, these are some of the conditions you have to be guided about:

Conditions to Qualify for a Personal Loan

  • Show a good and clean credit history. In case you cannot speak about your credit score yet, to earn a credit report may work initially. This can show your status too which is important in the venture.
  • You may not have a good credit report. This is understandable. As a matter of fact, it may happen to most people. If this is your situation, you need to initiate in doing some credit repair. There are guides on the internet so that you can complete this.
  • Secure a number of assets or property that you can provide for security purposes. This should work most especially if you aim for a large personal loan. This is also the best in case your credit history is not yet perfect.
  • Provide documentation and paperwork needed. Usually, the bank or lender will ask for these. They consider all these as a proof of employment.

If you know for yourself that you fit on the conditions above, there is a big chance that you earn a loan approval. This can be easy and quick. As with payday loans, the amount of loans is small. This is why it is simple to seek approval.

What are the advantages of winning a personal loan then?

  • Personal loans can be a source of additional funds. They are utilized to answer requirements and financial needs. These loans can always be borrowed and obtained from banks and other lending institutions out there that charge a particular amount of interest which comes from a borrowed sum.
  • There are many individuals out there who employ these cash loans to settle for outstanding debts. They also use them for education or the settlement of medical bills. This happens because the personal loans are the most appropriate emergency fund.
  • Personal loans are the best when it comes to bridging financial expenses, they may feature planning a vacation trip, managing wedding expenses, purchasing your dream car, renovating your home or paying your credit card bills. All of these can be settled through the fund.
  • The fund can be perfect if you want to start up a business. This can also grant you your much-needed financial security which is usually in the initial stages of putting up a business. This may work too!

Factors to Review before Applying Loan from Licensed Money Lenders

Factors to Review before Applying Loan from Licensed Money Lenders

Here’s the truth – licensed money lenders will not come close to traditional banks we are used to. They cannot be compared. To the latter, you have to observe measures so that you will not be rejected in applying for a loan. This can be quite complicated.

Not everyone has the capacity to go to a tedious process of loan application anymore. This is the reality. If you are one of these people – it will help for you to discover other money borrowing avenues in which you may benefit from. That is when non-traditional loans come to place.

Once you have decided to pursue an application to licensed money lenders instead, the next step follows – searching for the right company. Do not underestimate this. This can be a bit tricky because there is a tenfold options available around. As this is the case, you have to be knowledgeable.


How Do You Choose the Right Money Lender for You?

Here are the important factors that you have to review in order to find the right company. Please take a look at them before hiring anyone. What are these?

  • Connections to the industry – This speaks about the lenders, and the investors they are partners with. It is crucial to ensure that they are well-affiliated. This is where their tools, and purposes will somehow depend on. As you do this, you can access more cash without having a hard time at all.
  • Background and Experience – In the midst of your research, do not fail to ask for the background, and experience of the lender. Know if the provider comes with a portfolio of successful deals in the past. This is a chance for you to take a peak on their expertise. This is also a way to know more about the feedback of the customer so that you can be guided in picking.
  • Focus on the local market – This implies that you have to check on the local estate market before you go for the loan. If it is performing really poorly, then there is a great chance that the rate crash may skyrocket. We are trying to avoid this. So, take time to facilitate a research for the local market. This should be done keenly. This will ensure that you only go for decisions that are working on your best interest.
  • Learn from character references – At this point, it is important that you check the competence of the provider you are eyeing for. There is no other way to confirm this than to talk to the people you know. Maybe, they have used the same service before. Their personal experience can be a point of reference here. At least, you get to enjoy reliable comments which you can really use in choosing.


The aforementioned are just some of the tips you have to employ in working with lenders. As an addition – look for their state licenses too. This is too important not to be given attention.

Dos’ and Don’ts for money lending in Singapore

Dos’ and Don’ts for money lending in Singapore

Seeking licensed moneylenders in Singapore? Are you going to buy your new home or a new car or willing to set up your new business? Money lending has now become the easiest way of achieving your all dreams at very reasonable interest rates. But you may sometime get in trouble if not take a proper care and proper research before lending money. Sites like Loan Advisor, consolidates and rate the top 10 most reliable moneylenders to make life easier for you so you don’t have to go through the hassle of researching from the list of 160+ licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

Money lending is one of the best ways for fulfilling your desires, but you should need to go through its every aspect before getting involved in the deal. Research the market thoroughly and make a right decision.   Here, in this content, we are going to provide you with some dos’ and don’ts while seeking money lending in Singapore.


  • Make a thorough research about the firm, its interest rates, procedures, reputation in the market before going for getting into the deal of money lending.
  • Calculate the amount which you exactly needs for fulfilling your needs, so that you could easily repay it in easy instalments.
  • Go through all the contractual terms and conditions and financial obligations very carefully in order to reduce the chances of getting any fraud.
  • Shop around different moneylenders in the market so as to get most favourable terms.
  • Get a copy of loan contract so as to make it useful as a proof for you it is you need as well your right to get that.
  • Keep all the copies of the instalment repayments and the main copy of the contact in safe hands.
  • Always make your payments be on time in order to reduce the chances of getting any penalties.
  • Get ready for the repayment also if you are not able to make your routine payment on time.
  • Never sign the copy of the agreement without reading it. Read all the clauses very carefully and never get into a deal where you provide the authority to the moneylender for selling your property in case of failed repayments.
  • On the successful granting of the loan; check the principal amount very carefully so that to check whether the money lender is not deducting the extra charges from it. The government of Singapore only has permitted to deduce the 10% of the principal amount.
  • Your name, date of issuing of the loan, signed the receipt, fee receipt and amount of money you are going to borrow should be properly and correctly mentioned in the note of contract.
  • Make sure that you should get a statement of the loan at least once every 6 months.


  • Never sign any note of contract without reading it carefully.
  • Never sign any deal of money lending in hush-hush.
  • Never ever trust the money lenders who make you call, and send money or any other personal references for money lending.
  • Never sign an incomplete copy of the note of the contract as there are the chances of adding clauses which may harm you financially.

Never, become a guarantor for a person whom you don’t know on a personal basis or is not capable of refunding money.

The 6 Step Millionaire’s Guide To Investing Your Money

The 6 Step Millionaire’s Guide To Investing Your Money

Investing your money is easy, but smart investing needs to accommodate to your needs and lifestyle. Today we show you the various, maybe a little less known ways to invest and be smart about it.



 Firstly make sure you know what you’re doing, or find someone who does. If you don’t know the difference between individual stocks and equity mutual funds, maybe you should let someone else take care of this for you. Set your budget, create an account and never, EVER invest with your emotions.



 Many people like to stick with the American Stock Exchange in order to invest their money, however it is in your best interest to do your homework and see what else there is in the international stock market in order to maximize profits.



 Hedge funds have had a tumultuous past, making waves in the past few decades, but continue to bring higher returns than other investment options. If you choose to go down this road, make sure you can do without the money for a longer period of time. Hedge funds require for you to lock down your money for at least one year at a time.



 Bitcoin investing has been slowly gaining speed in the past few years. Cryptocurrency is a huge movement that is becoming more and more commercial by the second. Increasing in the past year by more than 750%, bitcoin investing may just be the answer for you.



 Investing in gold is always an option, because prices may increase and decrease over time, however the fact of the matter is, the gold is always physically in reach. It may not be a short-term solution, however it has shown that holding onto gold is always a good idea as it maintains or heightens in value.



 The great thing about investing in property is that it can partially pay itself off. If you have the equity to invest in real estate it is a smart idea to do this. Purchasing property can have its qualms along the way, however you always have the option of renting out space as a home or to a business. In doing this your payments can be reduced drastically and by the end of it all? You will have a property which you can later sell, creating a return profit that will have you singing all the way to the bank.

Investments can be a daunting task for many, but the truth is it’s not rocket science. The secret is to find the investment that suits you as an individual and the rest will all fall into place.

Back To Basics – The Fundamental Rules That Everyone Always Forgets About Saving Money

Back To Basics – The Fundamental Rules That Everyone Always Forgets About Saving Money

Can’t remember the last time you had some spare cash lying around? You soon will because we are giving you some simple, yet efficient ways which will have you saving more than ever.



Want to go to the Maldives, but waiting for your next lifetime where you may have a better financial track record? You don’t have to. Make a budget of how much that dream trip is going to set you back and start saving. Each month, as soon as your paycheck comes in, set aside the money you have allotted and in a few years you will surely be feeling the warm sand between your toes as you gleefully sip that cocktail on the beach.



 It may sound silly and frivolous, but trust us – it works. Each night empty out your coins from your purse or wallet into your piggy bank. By the end of the month you will have saved probably more than you have in the past few years. With this money you can afford fun date nights, put the money towards your children’s college fund or make an emergency stash to save you on those rainy days when your car decides to stop working or your teeth happen to start aching.


Give yourself a monthly treat budget. Make sure to keep the amount the same each month and place the money in an envelope or drawer, but always keep the money in the same place. This treat money can be spent throughout the month on whatever floats your fun boat. When the money runs out wait until next month for your spending adventures and stick to money savvy outings instead.


Saving doesn’t have to cost you the lifestyle you have already become accustomed to. Follow these tips and allow yourself the ability to save and enjoy your life at the same time.

5 Simple Ways to Stop $pending Your Hard Earned Money

5 Simple Ways to Stop $pending Your Hard Earned Money

Do you find yourself constantly rummaging around the bottom of your bag searching for spare change even If it’s not the end of the month? If you’re struggling to stay afloat and cannot remember the last time you had change to spare it probably has got more to do with your spending than anything else. Take a look at the tips we have which will send you on your way to your next tropical holiday instead of loathing life on the regular.



For the forthcoming month make it a point to only use your debit card wherever you spend. From buying the groceries, home furniture to paying for your fuel. Now we know this is a task, but any money you take out at the ATM should also be documented. From this you can pinpoint exactly where and how much money you spend where.



Make a list the next time you find yourself heading to the shops. One of the best secrets to saving money? Simple! Stick to the list. Don’t look left, don’t look right. Keep your eyes on that list and do not veer from it.



If you are unsure about buying something, this is one of the best tips we have which will help make your decision. Calculate your wage to the hour. Next, ask yourself whether that particular item is really worth five hours of your working life. If not, let it go.



Again, if you’re not sure about spending one third of your monthly wage on a new winter wardrobe, put the items on hold. This will stop you from compulsively buying half the store. When you do come home be adamant in checking if this is a necessity or not. Talk it over with your partner for further insight. Alternatively if we really are talking about a new clothing collection, open up your wardrobe and have a look inside. How many of the new items can be integrated with your things already living there. This can work for anything, not just clothing.



It’s understandable that it is more and more difficult to go through life without the help of your credit cards, but the fact of the matter is that you do not NEED to take your favorite cards everywhere. Bury them somewhere safe and only take them out when you have selected something that you know you need. We’re talking beds, furniture, health issues, etc.

You don’t have to be Einstein to stop spending where you don’t need to be. Now that you have these tricks up your sleeve we know you’re going to be smart about spending.

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