Understanding Foamhenge and Its Relation to History

Understanding Foamhenge and Its Relation to History

Everyone surely has an idea of what Stonehenge is all about – it is known as a prehistoric monument which is common in the English Country. Basically, it was built with the use of enormous and huge stones. However, a new way emerges right now, and that is when foamhenge comes into place.

This full-size replica of Stonehenge is constructed from Styrofoam. There are so many examples that you can check if you want to see something like this. If you are thinking of having an instant loan to have access to this, that may work too.

Learning more about the Structure

There are studios that feature this type of masterpiece, one of which is that from Fiberglass sculptor Mark Cline. He is from the Enchante Castle Studio. His line of work is considered to be an achievement by Mark. This kind of feeling cannot be doubted knowing how he has constructed a big roadside attraction that may work in many ways.

His inspiration came from about 15 years ago when he was walking into Insulated Busines Systems. It was from there where he saw enormous 16-foot-tall blocks. Afterward, an idea suddenly drew on him – he then thought of foamhenge. However, it did not happen in an instant. The opportunity, despite being feasible, is slow. He had to be optimistic to make things happen to him.

Looking at the creation of Cline would give open your eyes to the exact replica of the original Stonehenge. You will be stunned to know that it is beyond photogenic. Most of the giant Styrofoam blocks are good for photographs. As a matter of fact, they appear to be like a real stone if you are viewing them from quite a short distance. The good news – the Stonehenge is actually not from a remote island. It now sits on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which you may also see if you are up for the adventure and fun.

How to Go

If you have plans of seeing this creation, you may have to know a couple of things before you go. Most of these Foamhenge museums are found on private properties. If you want to access them, you may only do so during certain seasons and hours. In the midst of the fall, Foamhenge is typically found with admission for the Fields of Fear visitors and the Fall Festival. So you may access them during regular hours of the operation.

There are instances when Foamhenge is also close. For instance, it may be entirely closed for visitors during particular months from January to March. There are just limited hours allotted to them, most especially in the Spring, Summer and Winter seasons. They may be reached by shuttle from. As you visit, it would not hurt to conduct your research initially so you are guided properly with regard to this. As you travel on various countries, research on the options available for you and try to know if they may fit your itinerary.