The Usual Features of a Foamhenge Replica


Let us rewind to the times when children, career and even technology merely existed. To the days when it was hard to know what was happening on the other side of the world. Unlike today when you can just catch up with updates real time, the past surely is still a mystery because only a few people were there to witness a couple of significant events that unfolded. This is why it is not surprising there are individuals out there who are still thirsty to learn about different places – one of the most intriguing would have to be the Foamhenge.

Yes – there is Foamhenge. It is Stonehenge, it is just that it originated from foam.

Learning more about Foamhenge

If it is your first time hearing about the Foamhenge, let’s get you educated. These are some of the basics that may keep you enlightened:

  • Virginia is considered to be the home for Foamhenge – the latter is a replica of Stonehenge in full-size. However, the big difference is that it is carved from a Styrofoam. Hence, as it is suggested by its name.
  • For those who will go to Europe, they might find it devastating that the Stonehenge is already closed. This came to be because of the high winds which damaged some portions of the structure. Until now, it waits to be repaired.
  • There are still other places which feature such art though. There are artists who are still there for the construction of Foamhenge, alongside with other kinds of sculpture projects. Take a look at the Dinosaur Kingdom. The foam and fiberglass creations never fail to amuse its visitors. The same is also true with other sorts of projects such as the Pirate Adventure, the Enchanted Castle and the Mummy’s Tour of Doom.
  • What is good about a Foamhenge is that it is way easier to shape and paint than the usual stone. It is its best quality. However, there is an amount of cautiousness that needs to be practiced. After all, it is not a stone. It can easily break. Holes in the ground are used to anchor the creation with a cement. Such can be compared to a nail which holds the concrete. This is the technique employed.
  • Foamhenge attracts many tourists for the reason that it embodies the best rural setting. For those who are visiting, they are encouraged to take care of the exhibit too. They may not be allowed to bring a hunting knife because that can be too dangerous for the creations.

The aforementioned is done with so much accuracy. As a matter of fact, most of the artists went to England for a tour in order to do an ocular around the Stonehenge. What makes the Foamhenge even more fascinating is that it may last longer than the original for the reason that it is non-biodegradable. If you intend to visit one, do not fail to book your visit prior to going so that you can be scheduled accordingly!